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The Oldest Taste of Mediterranean... 

Lakerda (Salted Bonito), with its 700 years old history, is believed to be one of the oldest and traditional delicatessens of Mediterranean culture.

With a family connection (sharing the same last name) we specialize in Lakerda.

This appetizer is a great way to decorate your dinner tables with rich nutritional values...


Taste Coming From History... 

The story of Lakerda is believed to be coming from Spanish Language La Kerrida. La Kerrida is translated in Judio Espanol to the dear one, the thing that is desired. Even though the process that Lakerda is prepared resembles Greek origins, Turks have learned to preserve the fish in this way from Turkish Jews.

The story is  of a fishermen's finding his path:

Behmuaras was a fisherman who lived in Malaga, Spain.

Fishing was his only way of providing for his family. Even though it was against his religious beliefs, he goes on a fishing journey on a Saturday on a February of 1326. He hopes to fish for tuna fish which is his youngest son’s most favorite.

He does not listen to his wife’s objections and he ends up empty handed. He can not catch any fish for the following months either. He believes he had done a big mistake by not listening to his wife and working for that Shabbat, holy day.

He asks to be pardoned by God, prays for his nets to be filled with fish once more. His prayers were answered and he once more comes back with tuna fish that is more then what he and his family needs. He learns from his mistakes and promises not to go on a fishing journey ever on holy days. With the extra fish he has brought, he originates a marinating procedure by pickling the fish in brine, laying it on a bed of salt. This traditional process is still been used through out the region.

Description: Salted Bonito in Oil
Ingredients: Big Bonito, sunflower oil, water, salt, 
citric acid, preservative. 

Protein: 22gr Per Serving (3.5 oz)
Storage: Store between 35°F and 41°F
Shelf Life: 6 Months
Origin: Turkey
Availability: 7oz retail packs

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